“Professor Perez loves Mercado and Gil, but we depend on them”: Hugo Carrillo, President of Vasfoot

The president of the Football Association there confirmed the interest in the two Colombians and talked about the contender for the friendly match before the official matches of the Octagonal.

Hugo Carrillo, President fasfoot, It was among the second-class awards, where the Abu Dhabi Municipality raised the crown. And in order to approach this event, the federation attended the media to talk about the latest issues related to the national team.

One of them is related to the possible invitation of the Colombians Brian Gill and Michelle Mercado, After completion of the nationalization process.

Video: Brian Gill duo in Colombia, before his call to Selecta

“Mercado has not yet started the nationalization process. He has already completed the time that needs to be taken into account with the selection. We just hope you get your passport to present to FIFA, along with the rest of the documents to get the authorization. In Brian’s case, we hope he has the passport.” To apply to FIFA, which will not cost, because we have already started a process before,” Carrillo explained.

“Professor Hugo Pérez wants them to be selected, but we are practically counting on them to get the documents and to qualify”, added.

In 2019, Brian Gill along with his brothers Christian and Meyer got them nationalized by legislative order. The latter two were already part of the old and young group. Brian was with the Colombian national team while playing for Alianza Petrolera for that country, which is why he didn’t get the Salvadoran doc. However, close sources confirmed that the player is in the country and that he already has everything.

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Michel Mercado in the semi-final second leg of Apertura 2021 at Cuscatlán Stadium in San Salvador. Photo EDH / Jonathan Funes

Hugo Carrillo commented that the national team will return to training “On January 5. Professor Perez will return to the country on the second day and then will invite the players to prepare for the next eight matches “, He said.

El Salvador will return to activity in the CONCACAF match on January 27 against it United State, in Columbus. Then you will visit Honduras, in San Pedro Sula, and will end on February 2 receipt Canada. For these meetings, Selecta will set up camp in North America, to acclimatize to an area “which we know is going to be very cold,” the union explained.

We are sure that the national team will make this camp, we just hope to confirm there will be a rival in the next few days so that the national team can play a friendly match. We want a national team that matches the characteristics of the United States so that it can be used in the preparation,” he said.

The Colombian Salvadoran, Brian Gill (15) made his debut as a top scorer in his country’s league. Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=307975714468467&id=100057681229698

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