Professionals in environmental science and health graduate

The Community Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (UASLP) has awarded 24 fresh graduates in Environmental Sciences and Health, a program taught in the School of Medicine.

The 2016-2020 message delivery ceremony was held in the banquet hall of the host campus, led by the President of the University, Dr. Alejandro Zermenio Guerra, accompanied by the Director Dr. Ismail Herrera Benavente; Secretary General Dr. Maribel Martinez Diaz. And Degree Coordinator in Environmental Sciences and Health, Dr. Guillermo Espinosa Reyes.

In his message to recent graduates, the university’s president, Dr. Alejandro Zermeneo-Guerra, acknowledged the importance of this degree in the institution’s educational offer, having achieved impressive success in the various fields in which its graduates are included, “such as the scope of the program that other higher education institutions are interested in in Teaching this profession. They are doing an important job because they are professionals who participate in the entire health system. “

Dr. Ismail Herrera Benavente pointed out that the degree in Environmental Sciences and Health forms a hub in which the various actions are expressed; Its creation 11 years ago corresponds to the mission and vision of a group of people under the leadership of Dr. Fernando Diaz-Barega, during the administration of Dr. Jess Noyola Bernal, which was also promoted by Dr. Alejandro Zermeneio Guaira.

“It is a special moment to produce a new generation of students who, with their preparation and enthusiasm, will face the challenges of today’s world, where about 25 percent of the population dies due to environmental causes, according to the World Health Organization.”

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Certification Coordinator, Dr. Guillermo Espinosa Reyes, acknowledged the efforts made by young graduates to graduate and complete a university career, noting that ninety percent are doing work related to their vocational training.

In turn, Luis Antonio Rico Guerrero, on behalf of members of his generation, stated that this event marked a unique day in their lives, and now the acquired knowledge must be put into practice.

The ceremony was also attended by the College Secretary, Dr. Jorge Luis Garcia Ramirez. Academic Secretary, Dr Luis Guillermo Gerling de Alba; Student advisor, Jorge Francisco Ayala Gonzales; Technical Advisor with a degree in Environmental Sciences and Health, Andrea Cueto Delgadillo.

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