Primark launches its new website in the UK

Primark launched a file New UK website So that customers can check stock and check availability before going to stores.

fashion giant low cost Online shoppers are promised a greater selection of products, with thousands of products including clothing and home goods.

The new website aims to “better connect the journey between online search and in-store purchase”.

even though Primark does not offer home delivery yetThe company hopes the web will be a popular resource for customers before they head to their nearest store.

Primark’s new website, first in the UK and then in other markets

The new website was initially launched in the UK and will be rolled out in 13 other Primark markets in the coming months.

Through a statement, Primark said this action represents a Digital transformation in business. It recognizes the critical role the Internet can play in supporting in-store sales.

Primark explained that the website will give customers access to improved search and product filtering capabilities, such as size and color.

Primark CEO, Paul MarchantHe said, “We know our customers love Primark shopping experience. And the surprises they get when they enter our stores – that’s what makes Primark so special.” He added, “However, we know they also want to see the latest collections online and be able to check availability, which our new website makes available for the first time.”

“The new website and new features represent an important step forward for our business and represent a change in the role of digital at Primark,” concluded Marchant.

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