Pressure mounts on Johnson for another electoral defeat for the Conservatives

The British Conservative Party has suffered from a Another electoral defeat This increases pressure on the prime minister, Boris Johnson, who has been weakened politically after he overcame an internal confidence proposal with strong opposition.

The conservatives lost in circles Wakefield (Northern England) and Tiverton and Honton (West), where they won the 2019 general election, in a by-election held on Thursday. The two constituencies were forced to return to the polls after the resignation of their deputies due to the scandals.

In Wakefield, Labor won, reclaiming the seat it lost in 2019, and in Tiverton and Honiton, a traditionally conservative district, the Liberal Democrats won.

Honorary Chairman of the Conservative Party, Oliver DowndenAnd the He submitted his resignation on Friday with immediate effect. “Someone has to take responsibility,” Downden said in a letter to the prime minister.

Johnson: ‘I have to listen to what people say’

Johnson of Rwanda, where he is attending the Commonwealth meeting, admitted that he had to “listen to the people”, but attributed the defeats to economic hardship rather than as punishment for himself for Party Gatescandalous parties held at his Downing Street residence in the midst of the pandemic.

“It’s absolutely true We achieved some tough results in the by-elections. It was, I think, a reflection of many things, but we have to realize that Voters are going through a tough time right now“,.

“I think, as a government, I have to listen to what people sayespecially the difficulties it faces cost of livingWhich I think for most people is problem number one.”

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The Prime Minister stressed that the difficulties caused by the rising cost of energy and food “affect people”. “We have to realize that there is more that we need to do We will definitely continue to address people’s concerns until we get through this predicament.”

The Conservatives suffered a setback in the May local elections, a result some of their MPs understood as punishment for Johnson for his scandals, and triggered an internal confidence vote. Johnson approved the proposal but with strong opposition.

The Prime Minister is also facing a series of strikes in the UK due to rising inflation.

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