Ecuador’s capital will partially make transportation available

Quito, June 24 (Prensa Latina) The trolleybus and ecovia transport service will operate again from today in the capital of Ecuador, but partly, after several days stopped due to the social protest against the government.

According to an announcement by Quito Metropolitan Passenger Transport Company, the authorization will be temporary and will only be operational in northern Quito.

“Whether or not the operations will continue will depend on road conditions,” the agency said in a statement.

According to the details, the service will be activated from 05:00 local time, and the National Police will support users and workers of the units.

Today marks the 12th day of the national strike called by the Federation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONE) to demand real government responses to a 10-point agenda raised on technical schedules in June, October and November 2021, but without the expected answers.

A year later, Kony decided to reveal their demands on the streets and demand a solution.

The marches that began on June 13 in many cities were joined by other peasant social organizations, workers, women, students and housewives, who also reject the executive provisions on economic matters, described as neoliberal and favorable only to the minority. Country.

Demonstrations and rallies at points related to cities, as well as roadblocks and road closures, are some of the actions of the protesters, and their epicenter was in the capital, where at least two violent days were recorded, with the police crackdown on protesters, which were denounced both inside and outside this Andean nation .

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