President of Kenya asks the Association of Caribbean Nations to unite Africa to fight the climate crisis

Nairobi (EFE).- The President of Kenya, William Ruto, today in Nairobi at the first African Climate Summit (ACS) called for all African countries to unite to fight the climate crisis, which he described as “the greatest challenge”. The existence of all living things.

“We collectively have the power to change the continent and the direction the world is headed,” Ruto said during his opening remarks on the second day of the summit, organized by the government of Kenya and the African Union. ). .

Searching for solutions to the climate crisis

In this way, the Kenyan President highlighted Africa’s ability to find solutions to the climate crisis.

Ruto believes that betting on this continent is “the clearest way to achieve the global goal” of reducing emissions of polluting gases, due to Africa’s vast reserves of natural resources necessary to produce green energy and its ability to produce this type of energy itself.

At the same time, he pointed out that “none of the industrialized countries can achieve the goal of reducing emissions to zero in the period required of them.”

The president concluded that only a “rapid and comprehensive transition” can be a “sustainable solution” to the “challenge” posed by the climate crisis.

Ruto intervened after the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who stated in her speech that the European Union wanted to be an “ally” to Africa in the global energy transition.

Guterres calls for support for the continent’s efforts

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, among others, also intervened, lamenting that Africa emits “only 4% of global emissions, but is suffering some of the worst effects of rising global temperatures: extreme heat and relentless flooding.” And dozens of disasters. Thousands of deaths due to devastating drought.

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Despite resisting all these blows, Guterres also highlighted Africa’s ability to combat the climate crisis and called on rich countries to support the continent’s efforts to become a “global leader in renewable energy.”

At the conclusion of the summit, in which more than twenty African heads of state and government participate, as well as leaders of international organizations and other regions of the world, the so-called “Nairobi Declaration” is scheduled to be adopted, which seeks to formulate a common African position for various global forums.

Consequently, African leaders want to build a unified perspective with regard to the COP28 climate summit in Dubai scheduled for the end of the year, the UN General Assembly, the G20 (the bloc of rich and developing economies) or international financial institutions. EFEverde

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