An “other-worldly” object was discovered on Earth for the first time

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This was done by a team of astrophysicists led by Avi Loeb, from Harvard University A surprising discovery was made when analyzing material collected from the first interstellar meteorite to collide with Earth, known as IM1.

This investigation, The Galileo project, which he implemented, studied 57 balls recovered from the impact site in the Pacific OceanAnd achieve extraordinary results.

IM1 origin is out Solar System It was confirmed with a confidence level of 99.999%, supported by velocity measurements made by US government satellites.

According to these measurements, IM1 was moving at an exceptional speed of 60 kilometers per second compared to the local Milky Way standard. This object showed remarkable flexibility by maintaining its integrity at a collision speed with the ground of 45 kilometers per second, until it reached a height of 17 kilometers above the Pacific Ocean.

The globules recovered on the mission are subject to detailed analysis in world-renowned laboratories, and five of them have been discovered to present a composition of elements never seen before, indicating an origin outside the solar system. despite of Loeb has previously raised the possibility that these objects are of artificial origin, but current evidence does not support this hypothesis.

This discovery raises a number of fascinating questions about the nature and possible origin of interstellar objects that could reach our planet. As the research deepens, more information about these mysterious cosmic visitors may be revealed.

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