Keir Starmer, leader of the Labor Party, is making adjustments to his team ahead of the upcoming elections in the United Kingdom


Elections in the United Kingdom

Opposition leader chastises party’s more left-wing wing at demonstration of what will be Labour’s first chief executive since 2010

British Labor Party leader Keir Starmer conducted a speech on Monday An expected restructuring of the “shadow” government. Ahead of the UK’s next legislative elections, scheduled for late 2024 or early 2025, which aim to show Britons what the first Labor chief executive since Gordon Brown left Downing Street in 2010 will look like.

Restructuring places the second-in-command in the Labor Party, Angela RaynerAs eventual deputy prime minister, should Starmer’s members have the ability to form a government after the election. Reiner will also replace him Lisa Nandy At the head of the regional rebalancing portfolio in the next government, which is what the latest polls take for granted.

But the changes were reflected in the rise of the right wing of the party, which is closer to the personality of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, at the expense of the more left-wing sector. This would explain the return of the greatest advocate of the so-called “Third Way,” the political theory defined by the sociologist Anthony Giddens Which defends the link between progressivism and free markets, a type of social liberalism. In recent months, Blair has appeared with Starmer on several occasions. He has been far from extremist since leaving office in 2007.

Since assuming leadership of the party in April 2020, Keir Starmer has given a major push to the centre Turn the page on the era of Jeremy Corbyn, his very left-wing predecessor, is accused of allowing anti-Semitism to flourish within the party. In this sense, Starmer promised in an interview with a newspaper daily Mail And he will not raise income tax if he wins the elections.

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The reorganization comes at a time when, according to the BBC, the former senior official Sue GrayShe, who investigated the Downing Street party scandal in which anti-Covid health restrictions were flouted, has taken up her post as Labour’s chief of staff. The announcement of his move to the Labor Party sparked accusations of bias among conservatives.

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