President Arevalo congratulated Guatemalan fathers on their day

Through his profile on the social network

You are an inspiration to this government, and it is clear that it must work to support you, the head of state admitted.

He added that this is why we have taken many measures, according to what we can do, to contribute to the pockets of Guatemalan families, at this time when there are famine issues.

We are taking action and others will come, but today enjoy the hugs of your families, because if you celebrate them, you will have done something right,” Arevalo noted.

Arevalo and Vice President Karen Herrera took office on January 14 until 2028 with multiple challenges and the promise of a new spring.

Guatemala is emulating a tradition from the United States, when a farmer’s daughter organized a festival in the early 1900s to honor her father’s efforts.

A bill has reached the National Congress stipulating that on June 17 of every year, working parents will enjoy a day off with pay, and if they are unable to rest, they will be paid for that day as an exceptional day.


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