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  • Derian Jesús Jaime Duran received his Master's degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Veracruzana
  • He analyzed speciation: the mechanism by which new species are formed, which occurs when populations become reproductively isolated.

Derian Jesús Jaime Durán, Master's degree graduate in Biological Sciences

Carlos Hugo Hermida Rosales

Photos: Omar Portela Palacios and courtesy Derian Jaime Duran

02/10/2024, Xalapa, Release- Derian Jesús Jaime Duran, graduated with a Master's degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Veracruzana (UV), studied evolution in spiders, which he considered families Folciidae, Desiridae And Agelenidae Of these arthropods in his graduate thesis project.

The young man analyzed the process of speciation: the mechanism by which new species are created, which occurs when populations become reproductively isolated and diverge from others.

Jaime Durán states that compositional theory asserts that gradual modifications and natural selection are the essence of evolutionary change, but over time positions for understanding speciation have been established.

Among them is endosymbiosis, which describes the transition from prokaryotic to eukaryotic cells through the symbiotic fusion of bacteria.

The young man completed an itinerant residency at the University of Oviedo in Spain

Another situation is ecological inheritance, where it is stated that ancestral species can modify environments by building niches that can have consequences for others, millions of years later.

For its part, synthetic theory dictates that genetic differences between individuals are heritable, occurring through mutations and recombination during sexual reproduction.

The student indicated that the research consists of meta-analysis, which is a process through which data from different studies conducted on the same topic are analyzed, and that in his project he linked 161 scientific articles from an evolutionary line to the families of spiders mentioned above; Using a heuristic method, the presence of both mechanisms and theories was determined.

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He found that those who had the greatest influence in explaining evolutionary leaps were those belonging to ecological genetics and compositional theory, although he noted that it was necessary to increase research in order to better understand the specific process of organisms.

Jaime Durán stated that it is necessary to understand how evolution unfolds in different species, and not just from academia.

The graduate stressed the importance of studying evolutionary processes

He stressed that “it is necessary for society to take into account its dimensions, because in this way it will be aware of where it comes from and where it is headed.”

The young man highlighted the quality of his training in the master’s degree attached to the College of Biology, because it provided him with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

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