UK says Russian pilots and ground crew are already suffering from 'combat fatigue'

British military intelligence estimated that both Russian fighter pilots and their ground personnel were already suffering from the effects of “combat fatigue” based on incidents such as the one at the end of last month, when the Ukrainian military destroyed a radar at a site. Russian air base in Crimea. The Ukrainian attack on January 31 on the Belbek base “certainly” caused “a deterioration in Russia’s ability to coordinate its air activity in the Black Sea region,” according to the assessment published by the British Ministry of Defense on its account on Saturday. On the social network X, formerly Twitter. The ministry expects days of “additional pressure” on the A-50 Mainstay fleet, the NATO assignment of the Beriev airborne control aircraft and “a shrinking number of personnel trained and capable of conducting air operations.” British military intelligence insists that Russian air doctrine relies “a lot” on stations like Belbek to coordinate its air forces, especially its fighter jets, in places where “airspace is contested” and the scenario is “increasingly complex.” Taking all these factors into account, British military intelligence practically assumes that “Russian pilots and ground personnel are already suffering from combat fatigue due to the demands of operations in Ukraine” to the point that “any new attack on these coordination points in Crimea will certainly fail.” This increases this pressure, as well as the possibility of making a mistake or miscalculation.

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