Learn how to send encrypted messages on WhatsApp on the occasion of Valentine's Day Sports play

Valentine's Day is approaching and millions of people are already organizing everything to surprise their partner, although some will spend it with their friends because the said holiday is also known as the “Day of Love and Friendship”. Next February 14 is the exact date to declare your feelings to the person you love. Do it in a creative way by sending an encrypted message via WhatsApp, how? From Depor we will teach you the process immediately.

It is definitely a creative and fun way to tell someone that you like them or if they want to go out with you ever since You will be surprised when you decode and see the original message. The best thing is that you will not download any third-party app or modified software like WhatsApp Plus, Fouad, GB, etc. Rather, you will do everything with the help of a website.

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To encode your message, you'll use Morse code, a system of encoding alphanumeric characters that uses sequences of dots and dashes. We recommend that your WhatsApp message not be too long, as he may get bored when decoding it..

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This is how you can send encrypted messages on WhatsApp on the occasion of Valentine's Day

  • First, check it out WhatsApp You have no pending updates.
  • Now, click Next To go to the page where you can use Morse code.
  • Put your message in the text field, for example: “Hey, I like you and I want to go out with you“.
  • The next step is to press the button that says “encryption“.
  • Since you can't copy the code, you'll have to type it manually.
  • Open WhatsApp and enter the conversation with that person: Enter the code “| ··· | — | ·-·· | ·- | | — | · | | –· | ··- | ··· | -| ·- | ··· | | -·– | | –·- | ··- | ·· | ··· | ·· | · | ·-· | ·- | | ··· | ·- | ·-·· | ·· | ·-· | | -·-· | — | -· | -| ·· | –· | —“
  • Finally, send the message.
  • They will probably ask you what it means, here you will have to use your creativity and tell them to decode it.
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