Portugal will reopen to British tourism from May 17th

When asked in a BBC interview if Portugal really hopes to welcome British tourists this summer, Marquez went further: She confirmed that the country expects to receive all British tourists from May 17, The date when international travel in the UK is set to resume, according to TTG.

Specifically, the declaration of the responsible person Tourism British tourists will be able to enter the country by presenting a certificate of vaccination This comes a day after the European Commission submitted its long-awaited proposal to obtain a European vaccination passport.

Thus, Brussels has confirmed that it will work with third countries, such as the United Kingdom, to ensure that residents of non-EU countries can travel freely across the territory of the Union.

Asked if these plans are for UK citizens to travel within the European Union Be based on bilateral agreements with member states, Marquez reiterated that Brussels’ proposal to work with third countries.

Tourists in Lisbon.

“The Commission has adopted a kind of dual proposal to process green digital certificates in third countries like the United Kingdom. The process should be simple for those British tourists who have a valid certificate,” he said.

“British tourists need to enter Europe. It makes no sense to think of this solution for Europe only. Travel should be allowed on a global scale and for everyone,” he said.

What will happen in Portugal if British tourists are not vaccinated yet? The head of Portuguese tourism emphasized that one of the “basic principles” adopted in the country is that “no one can be excluded,” Including those who have not been vaccinated. “

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The idea for those who have not been vaccinated is to allow them to enter and spend their holidays here in Portugal If they have a negative test or have a vaccination certificateWhich means that they were in contact with the virus before and have recovered. “

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