Portugal suspends flights with the United Kingdom from Saturday 23 January 2021

Portugal Today, Thursday, January 21, 2021, it announced that it is suspending everyone from next Saturday, January 23 Regular trips With th United kingdomExcept for issues Humanitarian.

After board European Union Portugal’s Prime Minister celebrated this Thursday, Antonio CostaAnd confirmed the suspension of flights from 00:00 on Saturday.

“There will only be trips Human nature For the sake of bringing home Portuguese and English. “

Costa submits that the community block decided to keep all Internal boundaries from European Union, Although ‘control measures from Epidemic“.

The Portuguese Prime Minister also confirmed that the possibility Issuance of vaccination certificates For European citizens.

“All vaccinated people will receive a A document proving thisCosta said, “which will have medical effects, although, at the moment, there is no decision that the mentioned document will have another.” Future profitsExplained.

he is Advice It also evaluates the process vaccination In the European Union countries, added Costa, who stressed the importance of Producing companies Compliance with contracts and planned schedule so that “no further reductions in distribution”.

In case PortugalThe Prime Minister explained that they have already managed 202,000 vaccines They plan to finish next week vaccination In nursing homes.

The Portuguese Prime Minister indicated that the Council insisted on Importance That all member states respect the principle of unity “without nParallel selfishness Regarding vaccinations, “to ensure that it arrives as quickly as possible and to make sure that 70% of the adult population in the entire European Union has been vaccinated by the end of the summer.

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In addition, during the meeting, the importance of a joint effort by the European Union to support countries Africa a Latin America In order to ensure the global elimination of Epidemic.

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