Amazon relies on sports to attract 49% of new UK TV customers

UK Amazon is accelerating Prime Video service thanks to sports. The group proved more popular than Netflix in the run-up to Christmas thanks to Premier League and International Rugby matches, which attracted half of new subscribers to live streaming services in the fourth quarter. 2020 according to Kantar.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in customer volumes, reaching record numbers. In the last three months of last year, there were 1.3 million additions to services like Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime, with access to Prime Video and free shopping shipments.

Amazon took half the cake, attracting more than 635,000 customers, 49% of all new subscribers to its paid streaming services, including Sky’s Now TV, ITV’s BritBox, and the BBC.

Netflix ranks second with 17% of new subscribersWhere the first shows that attract audiences like the crown a Maneuvering mrsThis helped increase the chess game’s popularity and international orders at Rechapados Ferrer (La Garriga, Barcelona), responsible for the board used in the series.

Amazon’s strategy of introducing live sports proved to be the winner, with Netflix ruling out that fight, accompanied by films and series. In the period under study, it has broadcast twenty matches in the Premier League and the Fall Rugby Nations Cup.

In the fourth quarter, 1.3 million British households acquired a new video broadcast subscriptionAnd Amazon Prime Video accounts for nearly half of it, ”says Dominic Snibo, senior vice president of Kantar’s Worldpanel operation.“ Amazon’s growing focus on live sports continues to generate significant profits. ”

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The study also shows the impact of Disney + ‘arrival in March, which could attract 50% of all new subscribers to the UK in the first quarter. However, its growth has slowed significantly as the pandemic progressed, reaching third place in the last quarter with 15% of new arrivals.

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