Pope Francis told Joe Biden that he could continue to receive Communion despite his stance on abortion.

Joe Biden with Pope Francis (Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS)

USA President , Joe BidenHe confirmed that the Pope told him in his meeting this Friday in the Vatican that “good catholic“it should”Continue receiving handling‘, yet in your country And it will be considered withdrawing this secret because it is in favor of the right to abortion.

When asked if they had discussed their position on abortion rights, Biden replied:no we did not. We only talked about the fact that he was glad that I was a good Catholic and that I should continue to receive the Eucharist.“.

The US President revealed it upon his arrival at the Romanian Chigi Palace to meet the Italian Prime Minister. Mario DraghiIt is the meeting that precedes the summit of heads of state or government of the Group of Twenty, which will be held in Rome over the weekend.

Biden, the second Catholic US president to visit the Pope after John F. Kennedy in 1963, She has been criticized by more conservative sectors of the American Catholic Church for her stance in favor of abortion rights.

Biden had extensive talks with the Pope (Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS)
Biden had extensive talks with the Pope (Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS)

To the devout Catholic Democrat who attends Mass every Sunday, They had already denied him once in 2019 the possibility of receiving the Eucharist because of this political situation And this possibility She reappeared because of the abortion issue, secured in the United States since 1973 but has been turned into a poor pillar by conservatives in recent decades.

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US bishops voted a few months ago in favor of formulating a set of rules for awarding the corporation, among them not awarding it to those who abort, and thus Biden.

But last June, the American Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a document making clear that it would not createNational Policy to Ban Handling of Politicians‘, in a move designed to defuse debate within the church.

Biden revealed to the media that during his unusually long meeting with the Pope, He prayed “for peace”, and Francis prayed for him and blessed the rosary. When asked if they had discussed the United States Bishops Conference, the president said that “private conversation“.

They also agreed that protecting the environment is “need” And “moral responsibility“.

And when Jill Biden was asked about this meeting in the Vatican, she replied: “It was great, it was great“.

(With information from EFE)

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