Xiaomi sold 100 million Redmi Notes in just two years

Since 2014, more than 240 million Xiaomi Redmi Note phones have been sold. What are the most successful models?

Redmi Note 11, 11 Pro and the new 11 Pro + They are already official. xiaomi Unveiled this week at a media launch event, in addition to showing off the new stations, it also Contribute some other strange information about the company.

a) yes, Lu Weibing, the CEO of Redmi, revealed some amazing numbers that the Chinese company is proud of, such as Store opening number 10000 or overwhelming The success of Redmi Note. In this latter sense, we are one of the most successful Xiaomi product lines, which over the past seven years the company has been able to sell More than 200 million units worldwide.

The success of the Xiaomi Redmi Note in numbers

On average, Xiaomi sold about 25 million Redmi Note Pro every year

According to Lu Weibing, from 2014 to today Xiaomi has managed to surpass 240 million Redmi Note sold, 100 of them in the last year alone. Let’s remember it in November 2020 Xiaomi announced that it has reached 140 million Redmi Note sold out while in operation May 2021 exceeded 200 million. Stunning growth accelerated in recent months thanks to xiaomi redmi note 9 And Redmi Note 10, two mobile phones that knew how to follow The good sales rate that Redmi Note 8 already enjoyed.

The show also highlights good reception Of the latest Redmi Note phones, such as Note 8 Pro, 9 Pro or 10 Pro, the phones Xiaomi has indicated You will continue to maintain the same value for money in future generations.

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4 major differences between Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 and the original Redmi Note 8

For the rest, and largely in line with Xiaomi’s “flooding” policy, Lu Weibing confirmed that redmi You will follow the strategy you think Throw Two generations of Redmi every yearThe first focuses more on strength and the second focuses more on “refining” the experience.

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