They found the body of another alleged immigrant floating in the Rio Grande

Mexican authorities found this Sunday Another dead body floating in the reed beds in the Rio GrandeWhich made his recovery difficult.

According to a local media report ImpactVision News in Facebook, Looks like another immigrant was going to try to cross over to the American side from the great river. The gender and nationality of the deceased is unknown.

The reporter stressed that “recovering the corpse became impossible due to its geographical location, and our drone was able to reach the corpse, which is floating lifeless in the waters of the river in Piedras Negras.”

The journalist’s drone managed to capture the place where the corpse was stranded, stranded Only one hand was seen And what appears to be a watch on his wrist.

As members appear beta group The rescue team from the National Institute of Migration is trying to reach the site.

So far this year, at least Fifty bodies found in Rio Grande.

However, news portal followers point out that the number is higher because many of the drowned have not been found.

The reporter stated that In the river were found not only migrants: Also victims of organized crime and members of the cartels that dominate the region, so Each result requires extensive investigation.

Recently, Piedras Negras has become one of the most frequented places for those trying to reach the United States from Central America.

Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians and Central Americans arrive daily in Piedras Negras, in the state of Coahuila, to challenge the waters and reach Texas, USA.

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However, not everyone was able to achieve the purpose of entering the US territory.

In the middle of last March, A father and son, both of Plastas, drowned in Villa Clara; The body of the 21-year-old was recovered a week later. At the end of that month, he died in similar circumstances Another young Cuban, 24, of Remedios, same county. The bodies of Hondurans and Colombians were also found.

In March, the irregular entry of Cubans across the southern US border reached more than 32,000, a mass exodus comparable only to Mariel in 1980.

During the first quarter of 2022, more than 78,752 Cuban immigrants arrived in the United States, mostly as a result of the opening of Cuba’s borders and a visa-free decision issued by the Nicaraguan government last November to residents of the island.

last wednesday more than 300 Cubans crossed Piedras Negras in one day.

In January, local media whistle He explained that despite the fact that the Rio Grande is shallow, there are sections where it suddenly reaches 2.5 meters and its current increases constantly and without warning when the Amistad dam is opened to irrigate crops and supply electric power.

In rainy seasons this process is more frequent to reduce the water level in the dam.

In addition, he said, at various crossing points, there is debris rolling along the river bed and its banks littered with inflatable rafts and foam buoys used by other migrants who have crossed making crossing difficult. In addition, the newspaper warned of the presence of crocodiles on the rapids of the river, which poses a danger to those who cross it.

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