Poll reveals Sunak's decline in the United Kingdom

A comprehensive survey commissioned by the organization Best for Britain Reveals bleak expectations for the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak And the Conservative Party in it United kingdomHe predicted a possible landslide victory for the labor opposition. The study conducted by the social company Stay Based on more than 100 responses 15000 British citizens among 8 And the 22 March marks a historic electoral change with the leader of the Labor Party Keir Starmer Achieve a large majority of 468 Representatives, compared to few 98 Expected seats for the Conservatives.

Naomi SmithThe Executive Director of Better for Britain stressed that the poll indicates a potential unprecedented electoral change, with radical movements in every constituency, which will move voters away from the Conservatives in different directions. The organization was initially created to stop Britain's exit from the European Unionnow condemns the UK's internal and external decline.

Although legally the general election must be held before January 2025There is widespread speculation that it may be brought forward, perhaps to November this year. The upcoming municipal elections in Englandscheduled for 2 May may be a decisive factor in this decision, especially in light of the possibility of a landslide defeat for the Conservatives.

Sunak faces economic and immigration challenges, with the economy barely recovering and the migration crisis unresolved. Party recovery Reform UKled by Richard TiceIt adds further pressure on Sunak, as the poll gave this party an up 10% supports. However, if the UK Reform Party withdraws from certain constituencies, the Conservatives may be able to improve their electoral chances.

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Sunak's critics say the party should consider a leadership change in line with his populism. Boris Johnson To avoid an electoral disaster. However, the process of ousting a conservative leader is complex and requires a major internal rebellion.

In this context, criticism against Sunak is growing, and many political observers indicate that a new internal rebellion in the Conservative Party may be looming on the horizon. Despite pressure for a leadership change, some argue that bringing down Sunak at this time would only make the situation worse for the party, highlighting the division and uncertainty facing the Conservatives in the UK. @mondario

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