Vietnam seeks to ensure cybersecurity

The Information Security Department of the Ministry of Information and Communications warned that these attacks not only disrupt activities, cause material losses and affect the image of agencies, organizations and companies, but also harm the infallibility of national cyberspace.

In a statement addressed to the specialized units of agencies, organizations and companies, reported by the Vienna News Agency, the Authority requested the completion of an examination and evaluation of the level of information security under its management before April 15.

If risks are detected in this process, management measures should be implemented immediately, especially for systems that store information and personal data, the above-mentioned security department suggested.

He recommended that in addition to maintaining continuous and stable communication and information exchange with the National Cybersecurity Monitoring Center, it is necessary to give priority to the use of security products, solutions and services produced or technologically dominated by Vietnamese companies.

Encryption Ransomware is a form of malware currently on the rise that involves locking a user's files or devices and then demanding an anonymous online payment to decrypt them.

At the beginning of last March, the Ministry of Information and Communications said that for the second month in a row the number of cyberattacks decreased in Vietnam, with only 862 attacks reported in February, 9.3 percent less than in January.

Conversely, the number of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses connected to computer networks infected with viruses (botnets) recorded a year-on-year increase of 13 percent, rising to 432,400.

According to the source, Vietnam had 3,224 information systems at the end of last February, including 2,145 classified according to security levels, representing 66.5 percent of the total and an increase of six percentage points compared to the same period in 2023.

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