Policemen sue Trump for the attack on the US Capitol Building

Local media reported today that two US Capitol police officers have sued former President Donald Trump for instigating the crowd that attacked the federal building last January.

According to CNN, these are the first agents to go to court after the January 6 riots.

Police officers claim they were physically and psychologically abused because Trump encouraged and led the mob that stormed the US Congress.

Faced with such a scenario, they accuse the Republican pole of instigating these violent events.

Police officers James Blassingame and Sydney Hempi, who have nearly 30 years of service experience, say they were wounded in the attack and each are seeking at least $ 75,000 in damages, according to CNN reports.

In the indictment filed, they also describe the horror that officials felt inside the Capitol because the number of violent supporters of Trump outnumbered them.

For his part, the former Republican president has not yet responded to the accusation filed before a federal court in Washington.

This is the third major civil lawsuit that tries to hold Trump responsible for the rebellion, after the one filed by two Democrats seeking to hold the former president and other spokesmen accountable for the words and actions of his supporters.

All of these cases are now in their infancy and the billionaire’s lawyers have yet to respond in court.

According to Justice Department data, dozens of Capitol Police officers were injured during the January 6 attack, as they are pursuing criminal cases against several rioters.

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