Pokémon GO confirms the feature most anticipated by players

The option to merge Pokémon that allows this mechanic into the main Pokémon saga will be available to all players who wish to do so in the summer.

Pokemon She is preparing for the arrival of her next big project, Pokémon ZA Legends Some time to be determined in 2025 It may be one of the three projects that will be in development for Nintendo Switch 2. However, it will take some time to reveal the near future of the franchise, so the news focuses on the active projects at these moments. In Pokémon Scarlet and Purple you can claim new Pokémon for free, while Pokémon GO is preparing for the biggest revolution in its history and has confirmed this. The arrival of a new, long-awaited function.

however, We’ll have to wait until summerwhen Pokémon GO Fest arrives, to discover everything they can contribute Fusion mechanics That would allow Necrozmawhich will also be available at that time under the Niantic title, Maybe Merger with Solgaleo and Lunala To achieve the two different forms related to the myths of the AlUla region. The same is expected to happen later with Kyurem and the versions are combined with Zekrom and Reshiram. These are the requirements that must be met to achieve this.

How to get merged versions of Necrozma in Pokémon GO

As soon as it happens Pokémon GO Fest arrives in the summer And it’s free Necrozma appears in the gameThis is what needs to be done to add him to the team and be able to integrate him with the legendary developers Sol and Luna Get Dusk Mane skins with Solgaleo and Wings of Dawn With Lunala.

  • Necrozma– Appears after defeating Twilight’s Mane or Dawnwing in raids using the usual legendary process
  • Necrozma knew Twilight: Once you get Necrozma, you will need 1000 Solar Fusion Energy points, 30 Necrozma candies, and 30 Cosmog candies
  • Necrozma Wings of Dawn: Once you get Necrozma, you will need 1000 Lunar Fusion Energy Points, 30 Necrozma Candies, and 30 Cosmog Candies
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so you know All you have to do to be able to obtain and fuse Necrozma With two Pokemon he could do that to. At the moment, no information has been provided on how to obtain Ultra Necrozma, which is the only method that will remain available for release in Pokémon GO.

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