The World Animal Federation promotes well-being in the sustainable development agenda

WFA works with international organisations, governments, businesses and communities to establish well-being as a fundamental aspect. It is essential for animals, people, future generations and the planet.

Photo: European Animal Collection.

More than 60 organizations gathered for the first General Assembly of the World Federation for Animals (WFA). This historic meeting, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, marked the beginning of a collective commitment to ensuring that animal welfare is recognized as a key component of achieving the global sustainable development agenda.

During the General Assembly, the World Humane Society launched the Pledge to Animals and Our Future, an initiative that highlights the urgent need for systemic change in the treatment of animals across sectors. This commitment highlights the profound impact that animal welfare has on global health, biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods.

“We are at a critical moment as the world takes stock of progress halfway through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all UN member states in 2015,” explained Dr. James Yates, UN Chief Executive. He added: “Although countries are still far from achieving the sustainable development goals, this initiative provides a new perspective for achieving a sustainable future that includes animal welfare.”

The Federation has promised to work with international organisations, governments, businesses and communities to establish animal welfare as an essential aspect of sustainable development. This promise represents a victory not only for animals, but also for humans, future generations and the entire planet.

This renewed focus on animal welfare as a pillar of sustainable development is of particular importance for veterinarians, who are on the front line of animal health and welfare. Including animal welfare in global policy is not only critical for animals, but also for strengthening resilient communities and ecosystems and preventing future pandemics.

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The Society for the Protection of Animals, founded in 2020 by animal protection organizations at national, regional and international levels, is the result of the decision of these organizations to join forces and work together for broad representation of animal interests in international politics. This new commitment calls on all veterinary professionals to actively participate in promoting and achieving these vital goals.

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