Pleo Business Spend, the winner in business software

Francisco Verderas, Secretary General of the Aslan Association and member of the Comunicaciones Hoy Awards jury, presented the award to Alejandro Salce Batán, Head of Content Marketing at Pleo.

Pleo is an expense management platform that provides smart payment cards and automated expense reports to employees, allowing them to purchase the things they need to do their job while giving finance teams complete control and visibility of all company expenses. Pleo quickly captures receipts, automatically categorizes expenses based on past behavior, and eliminates the need for manual expense reporting. Pleo also offers bill tracking, payment, and instant reimbursement for incidental expenses.

In short, Pleo captures expenses at the company level. Pleo represents a modern and automated expense management model, adapted to the needs of current companies in this sector. It is a cutting-edge technology that covers the entire expense process, from purchasing to reporting and approval. Employees receive smart debit cards that allow them to pay and report expenses without the need for paper. Expenses are recorded through the mobile app and can be grouped by categories, providing accounting and finance teams with complete real-time visibility of all movements. In this way, this solution breaks the traditional expense management model, based on spreadsheets, manual reports and using personal funds to cover certain expenses. Pleo integrates with leading accounting software systems such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage 50, and Holded. Additionally, it offers full compatibility with Apple Pay and Google Pay, so for those times when employees need to pay cash out of pocket, they can record expenses with Pleo and get reimbursed instantly.

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It is designed to save valuable time, reduce errors and simplify financial management, providing companies with a more panoramic view of their treasury. An urgent need in Spain, where only 42% of companies currently claim to have good visibility into their health and financial performance. 44% say they want to control their spending better, and 36% realize that better access to technology and financial solutions would help them be more efficient.

Pleo is present in 16 markets (UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Estonia, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Italy, Finland and Portugal).

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