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WhatsApp It is one of the applications that is constantly changing; But its closest competitor WhatsApp style for iPhonewants to overcome it by adding more functionality to the Meta suite application.

New APK for WhatsApp style for iPhone Not only does it have a minimalist design, but the top menu, which was present in the previous October release, now slides down to give you quick access to one-on-one chats, group chats, and other features.

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Want to get the November 2023 edition? Well, now it is very easy because we will not only provide you with the download link but also provide you with the process of installing it manually.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone Style: latest version, November 2023

  • The first thing would be to make a backup of WhatsApp, to make sure you get your conversations back in case you don’t like the APK.
  • Then you should check if Google Play Protect is disabled.
  • Once you are done with all that, remove WhatsApp similarly to iPhone completely.
  • Later you should install WhatsApp iPhone pattern using the following .
  • Remember that you must enter your cell phone number and verification code.
  • Once placed, you can perform all the corresponding steps such as placing your profile picture or full name.
  • At this point you will be asked if you want to use light or dark mode.
  • WhatsApp will be rebooted similar to the iPhone, through which you will be able to chat with all your friends on a platform very similar to the one that comes from Apple.
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How to install WhatsApp style on iPhone without error: latest version

  • The first thing you should know is that you cannot install iPhone-style WhatsApp with WhatsApp at the same time.
  • Should you choose one, it is better to uninstall the second, but first make a backup.
  • On the other hand, check your folder or internal storage if there is any type of file named WhatsApp.
  • If you find one, simply delete it.
  • The other problem is that when you encounter an error like a virus, it is better to go to Google Play.
  • There you should go to your profile picture and click on Play Protect.
  • Once you are in the new menu, you must disable the tabs that are displayed in the App Store.
  • With this, try installing the WhatsApp iPhone pattern again and you will be able to enjoy all its functions.

Is it safe to install WhatsApp iPhone pattern?

Please note that the application WhatsApp style for iPhone It is not available on the Play Store, but it is available on download sites of questionable origin, so it may come with some malware.

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