Playing Xbox for free and without fees is getting closer and closer: complete the details

Insiders are starting to enjoy one of the most sought after options by Xbox users.

A few weeks ago, it was special X-Box Officially announce that console ecosystem users will no longer need the Subscribe to Xbox Live Gold to play free online offers Or to enter chat groups; Made by him Microsoft has received criticism for a long time. Although they haven’t set a date to make one of the most sought-after features by users a reality, it seems to be getting closer and closer.

It is expected that the update for everyone will not take longIt is the conclusion that we can reach what are they saying From Windows Central. Microsoft will finalize the requirements for the need for Xbox Live Gold to enjoy Free games on consoles like Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One. Recently, an update between the Knowledgeable users From the control unit, which eliminates the requirement to be able to subscribe to the aforementioned services.

Although this does not specify a date for this functionality to be available to all users, there are those who suggest it arrives this month. Indicate that Microsoft is working quickly to remove the requirement as quickly as possible. So we just have to wait a little longer.

Once you test the new options with insiders, it will be enough to have an Xbox console and nothing else to enjoy free games, like your own. It is an electronic gameAnd the Call of Duty Warzone. Call of dutyAnd the Apex Legends Or Warframe among many others. At that time, console users will be able to Enjoy titles without paying any subscription, Off-line contracted internet at home.

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Xbox Network First Steps

Another important change to Microsoft’s consoles is that the company’s network service changes its name, and It is moving from being called Xbox Live to Xbox Network, With the aim of making life easier for users and making functionality more clear, making it clear that Xbox Live Gold is a paid service. Of course, it’s just a renaming that doesn’t introduce other functional changes.

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