The new generation of Intel already has a release date

We all already know the plans for Intel and the next generation of Raptor Lake Refresh, and we have a lot of information about what it will be, where it will arrive and how they plan it, but so far we don’t have a clear release date.

But that has changed, and thanks to the leak, we now know when we will be able to see these new processors on sale, or at least their official release.

Release date raptor lake update

It will be the fourteenth generation of Intel’s upcoming processors in the 42nd week of 2023. This means that it will be presented between October 17 and 23 from the same year.

This data comes from a Chinese portal Known for this kind of leak, which never fails, so we consider this date very reliable and it’s likely that there will be when Intel officially reveals everything to us.

Their statement also stated the following (Chinese – Spanish translation):

CPU time has started to update Raptor Lake gradually. The K-series will be in 2023 WW42, and the non-K will be in 2024 WW1, with a high probability of CES. The new 8P+12E setup I mentioned earlier, the high probability is 14700K. The current BIOS of each board manufacturer can basically activate RPL Refresh, except for the new 8P+12E. Arrow Lake does not have an update time point, and the corresponding chipset is Z890 B860 H810. It seems that there will be no H870 this time. Adverse Storm will peak in the fourth quarter of 2023, and there will be two new chipsets to match this CPU. There is a high probability that this year’s Zen5 will be fake news, and it is a big fan of YY. Originally, AMD had other materials, but after thinking about it, I removed it, so hurry up and have some fun in secret.

In terms of more information being revealed, we know that i7-14700 k can come up with 20 cores (8 high performance cores and 12 low power consumption cores).

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It is claimed that any Raptor Lake update CPU will be compatible with all current motherboards. However, since this particular 8+12 core configuration is new, a mandatory BIOS update is required for the processor to be recognized and function properly.

It will be more modern than expected from these processors Energy consumption, Especially reducing the current without damaging its power. One of the most distinguishing points of this upcoming fourteenth generation of the Intel brand.

And now a little more, the details we know are these. It is an expected generation and it will happen very soon, as the first rumors were published around the first quarter of 2024, but it seems that it will arrive much earlier. We will see it in the same month of October of 2023.

So everything indicates that it will be soon, during the summer, when all the last pending details before the launch will be known and filtered. We’ll be alert and keep you posted with all the news that comes out while we’re waiting to be able to test it physically, which we’re looking forward to.

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