Ecuador and expectations from the United States ‘The World’ Granma

Almost all the comments in the major Western media, when referring to the election results in Ecuador, speak of “the defeat of Coresmo”.

However, several factors caused the sudden change between the result of the first round (Arawes 32.72%, Lasso 19.74%) and the results of Sunday, when Guillermo Laso got 52.46% and Arrowes 47.54%.

Although Andrés Arauz attended the elections as a representative of the Unión por la Esperanza coalition, it is no secret that he presented himself as a follower of Correa, committed to changing the effects of the neoliberal order imposed by Lenin Moreno.

The role of the Ecuadorian press in Sunday’s final result cannot be ignored. There was never a day when articles against former ruler Correa stopped appearing, adding to the accusations leveled against him, without any evidence, and censoring, at all times, the possibility of any of his deputy returning to the government. It is not uncommon for Correa to be described as a “fugitive from justice” in Ecuador.

At the final stage, arrows were fired directly at Arauz. It will be imperative to see how much damage the prospect of a left-wing government in Ecuador could do with the fact that, in the first round, other candidates emerged from supposed left-wing groups, such as the indigenous representative, Yako Perez, who has been dubbed by followers of the invalid vote, and the voice of the Democratic Left Xavier Hervas, who has confirmed he will vote for Laso.

In the first round on February 7, the forces were considered “Leftist Hope Union”. The political arm of the Indigenous Movement (Pachacutec) led by Yaku Perez and the Democratic Left won nearly 67% of the vote. This indicates that if they were united, there would be no force capable of defeating their representative in the second round.

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But this was not the case. Even in this environment, and against any possibility of the left returning to the Ecuadorian government, the American New York Times, referring to the possibility of Arawes winning, published a comment as follows: “Ecuador must prevent Correísmo’s return”. .

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