“Pink WhatsApp”: the new trick to hack your cell phone

Recently, users on social networks denounced a new method of hacking cell phones that had dozens of victims already disguised as an alleged new interface for the WhatsApp messaging app, and called for the form to be used. “Whatsapp Rosa”.

Pink WhatsApp a ‘WhatsApp is in pink’, Is a format transmitted through a link to users that, when opened, gives access to the private and personal data of the mobile phone owner.

The attached message pledges to change the app’s traditional green color to a pink theme, but this format does not exist, such as “WhatsApp Gold” or other derivatives with which a similar hack has been attempted.

Therefore, WhatsApp recommended that you ignore these messages and avoid clicking on unknown content related to system changes that are coming from sites other than portals such as the AppStore or the Play Store.

This Facebook app said:

“Anyone can receive an unusual, atypical or suspicious message on any service, even by e-mail, and whenever that happens, we strongly encourage people to be careful before responding or sharing. On WhatsApp in particular, we also recommend that users use the tools. That we provide inside the app to send us a report, inform or block a contact.

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