Pictures of Tom Daly raising money for charity

Tom Daley runs a race to raise money for charity and posts photos of his training.

From Monday 14 February 2022 Tom Dalyan openly gay British diver, takes part in a annual event which is organized in the UK for Raising money for charity in which they travel More than 400 km of paddlingAnd CyclingAnd swimming s ElementWhat the athlete posted on social networks Photos of his hard training.

“My Homecoming Hell” It is Tom Daly’s challenge to raise money for charity. it’s the letter rThe road from London to Plymouthwhich represents more than 270 miles (435 km). For this, the diver trained for 9 weeks.

in this occasion, Daly takes this challenge to get people to donate money for the organization comic reliefAnd which was founded in 1985 by Comedian Richard Curtis with a goal Fighting famine in Ethiopia. Check out the way Tom Daly asks that countries with sexual phobias do not organize sporting events.


on his Instagram account, Tom Daly posted some pictures To prove your training and Invite people to donate money to charity.

“I’ve been training both indoor and outdoor biking to hike the miles!”

Tom Daley Training Images / Photo: Instagram (@tomdaley)

In addition to cycling, Dali also trained Swimming outdoors to cope with the cold From London and meet the challenge of charity. Watch the shocking pictures of Tom Daly underwater.

“Indoor swimming vs. Open water swimming… Guess which is better? I have been acclimating to the cold water little by little, but sure!”

The diver after training / Photo: Instagram (@tomdaley)

The night before the challenge started to raise money for charity, Tom Daly posted photos of himself in bed resting to get fresh for the race. Check out Tom Daly’s knitting line.

Tomorrow I will startInferno of homecoming.” Mask, handkerchief and bed! I start early, but if you’re near Tower Bridge at 9am, come and say hi! “

British Diver the day before the race / Photo: Instagram (@tomdaley)

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with information from Instagram

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