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Martha Cecilia Bustamante de la Osa

Martha Cecilia Bustamante de la Osa is a Colombian physicist and historian of science.

Physics and Astrophysics Quindia Martha Cecilia Bustamante de la OsaOn November 23, you will get one of the highest scores awarded each year before French Academy of Sciences.

She is the daughter of the famous Calarca teacher Jose J. Bustamante A graduate of the Calarca Institute, Dr. Bustamante is a physicist and historian of science.

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Martha Cecilia Bustamante de la Osa

The Academy also acknowledges publishing a book on the dawn of quantum theory.

He obtained a master’s degree in physics from the National Pedagogical University in 1981 and continued his studies in astrophysics at the University of Paris 7, where he also obtained his Ph.D. and post-doctoral degrees in epistemology and the history of science.

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Since then she has been working as a researcher in the history of science, first at the University of Orsay and then at the University of Paris Diderot. It is precisely because of her contributions to this field, in particular to quantum physics, that the French Academy of Sciences will commend her.

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Besides being a tribute to the recent publication of the book: “AL´AUDE DE LA THÉORIE DES QUANTA” (At the Dawn of Quantum Theory).

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This publication is the product of a 17-year investigation in which he was able to find unpublished manuscripts that were already on the verge of falling, allowing us to determine how a revolutionary physical theory arrived in France at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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