Adele hates her ‘famous’ status and says: ‘It’s funny that I’m considered famous’


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singer Adele He made it clear again that he was not enthusiastic that his status as a musical artist bore, automatically and without his consent, the label “celebrity”: which especially in his home country of the United Kingdom means that the press and social networks seem to have permission to intrude on their private affairs and above all judge them.

On the other hand, the British translator is realistic enough to assume that He has no choice but to hold on and accept that his personality, as well as his emotional affairs and everyday environment, are of great public and media interest.. This explains that in addition to setting her own boundaries with journalists and followers, Adele also uses her songs to clear up potential misunderstandings and perfect the “story” related to her life.

“I don’t like being a celebrity at all…that’s my story and I feel that with the album, I’m once again in the power of my own narrative. Sometimes I find it funny to be considered famous just for doing my job. I know celebrity status is something that comes with it, but I don’t I love it,” the English singer admitted as she walked by the radio show of Zane Lowe, employment Apple Music.

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