Peugo Herrera’s predictions he considered if the Tre team did not improve for Qatar 2022

Miguel Herrera has confirmed that Mexico could soon be eliminated from international competition (Photo: Miguel Sierra/EFE)

2021 is coming to an end and the following year, the outlook for the competition is set: world Cup in a Qatar. Miguel Herrera, Technical Director of tigers, is not the exception, he also predicts what will happen, and even made it clear that to maintain the negative streak, Mexican national team It will fail at the next international fair.

to lice It is clear that the national team has to change and improve in various aspects if it wants to be a competitive team, because if it remains as it is now, they will not even be able to advance to round of 16, for example Mexico Usually arrives in the world. Quality also saved the trash of the soccer players that made up tripartite.

“If Mexico gets to the World Cup with this generation and returns to the good work it did at the beginning, I think we are ready for important things; if we get to the World Cup and play the way you are playing at the moment, We will definitely go back to the first stage‘, Herrera voiced in an interview with Telemundo.

Herrera also spoke about Gerardo Martino (Photo: Eric S. Lesser/EFE)
Herrera also spoke about Gerardo Martino (Photo: Eric S. Lesser/EFE)

The current helmsman of the cats You already know what it means to lead a team in the World Cup. In 2014, before the terrible qualifying round of Mexican national teamAnd lice He arrived in last minute relay to lead the team in brazil world cup. With his personality and personality, as well as his playing system, the 53-year-old strategist led a fine team that fell in the second round at the hands of Holland.

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Given his experience on the international stages, Miguel Herrera also spoke about the work of Gerardo stammer Martino in front of tricolor s What does patience look like in the context of national football? The Argentine was heavily criticized by the Mexican fans because of his latest results, especially the failures against the national teams. United State s Canada.

“Gerardo Martino’s numbers are good, In Mexico we have a short fuse of patience And we know they cut off the technicians in our union, two or three days and they cut the technician off. There’s not a lot of stamina, and all of a sudden you touch a fiber that you don’t like and they’re already thinking about blowing your head, the truth is that’s our football and we wouldn’t change it that easily,” Herrera said in the same interview.

Mexico is third in the CONCACAF qualifiers (Image: Twitter / @miseleccionmx)
Mexico is third in the CONCACAF qualifiers (Image: Twitter / @miseleccionmx)

Mexico needs some fresh air after the swipes they received in the latest CONCACAF qualifying rounds. First, falling for the third time in a row in front of the strong opponent, as is United State, sowed doubts on Project Martino.

Subsequently, the defeat to the Canadian national team, a team that in Aztec Stadium proven shortcomings in See , Stoke questions and divide positions on the bench and players tripartite.

Although these setbacks did not affect the upcoming World Cup ticket, they did raise doubts and observations. You can hear from different places: “If we can’t win CONCACAF, why go to Qatar?”. That is why, for the following commitments, the national team will have to regain strength on the basis of victories.

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The next qualifier for the World Cup that Mexico will face will be on January 27 Jamaicaas visitors. After that, they will receive the Azteca Stadium Costa Rica January 30, already Panama On February 2, even without the official ruling from FIFA on whether the two matches will be without an audience or just one.

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