Peru and the United Kingdom strengthen cooperation in environmental matters | News

The authorities in Peru and Britain highlighted the common interest that exists between Peru and the United Kingdom in strengthening cooperation relations in matters related to climate change, green finance, forest conservation, sustainable infrastructure, as well as in the field of environmental science and research.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Environment (MENAM), which specified that these are the issues that were addressed at yesterday’s meeting Minister Modesto Montoya with the UK Ambassador to our country, Kate Harrisonwhich reaffirmed his government’s commitment to cooperating with Peru, within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding for Climate Action between Minam and the UK Embassy in Peru.

In this context, the Minister for the Environment and the British Ambassador spoke about the importance of the Landscape Biodiversity Fund, established by the United Kingdom, for Reducing poverty and promoting economic development in societies It is located in a landscape of ecological value.

Globally, it will support six landscapes located in different regions of the planet. In South America, the Andean and Amazonian landscapes on the Peru-Ecuador border (which includes the Condor-Kotok Conservation Trail) were selected to be recipients of the fund, Taking into account the great biodiversity and natural resources associates existing in said ecosystem.

The meeting also highlighted the importance of continuing to work within the framework of the Climate Working Group and for further cooperation in the initiative to establish the National Botanical Garden, which is expected to be implemented in the future bicentennial city of Ancon.

Ambassador Kate Harrison highlighted the importance of Amazon Fund, announced by the United Kingdom during the recent United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26), in which Peru will be included. Thanks to this, the sustainable use of natural resources in harmony with indigenous and local communities will be promoted.

Finally, Minam noted that the United Kingdom, within the framework of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), in September 2019, announced the creation of the Biodiversity Landscape Fund, as a program aimed at attention to conservation, reduction poverty and climate in a range of biodiverse transboundary landscapes around the world.

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