The Pentagon has sent eight F-35 fighters, as well as 32 helicopters and 800 soldiers to Eastern Europe.

The Pentagon will send to “various locations” on NATO’s eastern flank eight F-35 fighter-bombers now based in Germany. It will also transport twelve AH-64 Apache helicopters to Poland from Greece, as well as twenty other AH-64s from Germany to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

These are “temporary moves” that are added to the deployment of 800 US troops to the three Baltic countries announced on Tuesday and are intended to reassure and reassure these countries in the face of what the US considers “the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. From Russia.”

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Effie reports that the US has more than 90,000 troops in Europe under periodic and permanent mandates.

The shipment of military equipment was announced on Wednesday by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, who simultaneously reported the advance of Vladimir Putin’s forces towards positions “increasingly closer to the border with Ukraine”, part of which is heading to the eastern Donbass region; That is, towards the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, which the Russian president has just recognized.

Kirby said these Russian forces are “at an advanced stage of being prepared to act or take action in Ukraine… they are ready” to attack.

About 13,000 soldiers from the United States and 12 allied countries will participate in the military exercises between the end of February and March

Kirby also announced that at the end of February, US forces in Europe and Africa will begin joint military exercises with its allies. The long-scheduled exercises will include 13,000 soldiers from 13 countries. He added that they are being held when winter is not over “to demonstrate the ability to work in harsh conditions.”

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And although the spokesman did not specify the location of the activity, previous information places it in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Norway.

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