The UK tested the 4-day working week and adopted it by Grupo Milenio

in United kingdom A study was conducted in which companies tested Work week four daysAfter the results obtained, the majority of participating companies decided to make it permanent, in addition to that 100% of managers They claim they got it “Positive effect In the organization.

In the first stage, some participated 61 organizations This experimental method was implemented in 2022 for six months, but the results were announced last Wednesday, a year after it was applied.

The study has been applied before independence, A group of experts who conducted the 2022 experience with the non-profit organization 4 days a week And the campaign 4 days a week UK In collaboration with researchers from the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Boston College.

The experience was so rewarding that within one year 89 percent of Companies They continued to implement the four-day work week More than half They have already adopted it as permanent.

According to Euro newsThe study showed that work intensity is still lower, and job satisfaction is higher than what existed before applying the model, and therefore 96% of employees They said their personal lives benefited, while 86% said they performed better at work.

Among the results of the four-day work week are employees I mentioned enjoying it Better physical health And the mentalachieving a better balance between work and your personal life, and of course Less fatigue Due to normal working hours.

“Physical and mental health and work-life balance are much better than they were at six months. Improvements in burnout and life satisfaction have remained stable.”

“The key point is that the strong results achieved over six months are not due to new or short-term effects. These effects are real and long-term,” he said. Juliet ShoreProfessor of Sociology at Boston Collegewhich surveyed the opinions of employees of participating companies.

For directors and managers, The four-day work week had a positive impact on his company; on condition Staff turnover has decreased In half of the organizations, Nearly a third said the policy had significantly improved employment.

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About half 61 organizations Those who participated in the 2022 trial are from the marketing, advertising, professional services and non-profit sectors.

While the remainder includes a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, arts and entertainment.


United kingdom

Calls to shorten the working week have multiplied in recent years, and this has increased after millions of employees spent their offices working from home during…

Covid-19 pandemic

When they stop moving, thus saving time and money.

The four-day work week has been trialled in other parts of the world, with a trial in 2022 in 33 companies With the majority of its employees United State And Ireland.

Unions favor a 4-day week

After studying some Unions Europe They have expressed their concern to governments for this The work week is implemented for four daysHowever, there is still reluctance to implement this measure, so for some countries it is just a pilot phase.

And we must remember that it is February 2022 Belgian employees They gained the right to implement a full four-day working week, instead of the usual five, without causing a loss in wages.

This law, which came into effect a year ago, It allows employees to decide whether they will work four or five days a week. But this does not mean that they will work less: they will simply shorten their working day into fewer days.

The country's seven-party federal coalition agreement has set an employment rate target 80 percent by 2030A goal that would keep statutory pensions affordable or fund future tax cuts.

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Meanwhile, in Scotland this month the government launched a trial of a four-day working week for some public services.


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