Peaky Blinders: Meet Tommy Shelby’s wife in real life

For several years now – and thanks to the resounding success of the series “Lean Masks”Irish actor Killian Murphy He is going through one of his best career moments. And while the translator Tommy Shelby in this wonderful series about the years when street gangs ruled the streets of the UK (early and mid-20th century) already has an extensive career in cinema, the role of this gangster took place during his presidency.

But, unlike many other celebrities, Killian Murphy He is excessively jealous and wary of his private life. He does not have personal social networks, does not usually participate in big events with other celebrities, and has not decided to move to the United States to live near the luxuries and oddities of other Hollywood stars. The “Peaky Blinders” star continues to live in Dublin, with wife Yvonne McGuinness, with whom he has been for 26 years and has two children.

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