Paul White could have been on AEW All In London

Paul White He signed with AEW in February 2021. Despite the fact that the veteran fighter was playing a role as a commentator, the truth is that we’ve also seen him enter the ring four times, as he fought his last fight in the promotion more than once. for a year .

but, White has on more than one occasion expressed his desire to fight again. This is something that could happen at any time, which was confirmed by the Fightful broadcaster, who will do it under his well-known persona, Captain Insanu.

In late 2022, Paul White finally returns as Captain Insanu., a character from the 1998 Adam Sandler film Waterboy. This has been possible, ever since In March 2021, All Elite Wrestling filed for the Captain Insano trademark, which gave them the rights to use the name. However, this may not be the last we see of Captain Insanu.

Fightful has been informed of this Captain Insano’s equipment is designed for the character’s potential use, although we haven’t heard many details beyond that. White hasn’t wrestled since March 2022. White recently said there was an opportunity to wrestle at All In. Beyond that, we hear it One match was considered for the show: Captain Insanu, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy (or alternate) vs. Jeff Jarrett, Jai Lethal, and Satnam Singh. “However, Jeff Hardy is unable to enter the UK, and we have heard that Satnam Singh may also have been suffering from complications,” Fayetfull added.

Waterboy (The Aguador) is a 1998 comedy film written by and starring Adam Sandler, who plays Bobby Boucher, a 31-year-old who is constantly tortured by the players of his college waterboy team, because of his personality. Strange (due to his mother’s overprotectiveness) and in the face of the coach’s indifference. When a new coach joins the team, he convinces him to play defense and unleash all the anger he carries inside.

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Paul White plays Captain Insanou, Boucher’s favorite wrestler catchphrase He is “Captain Insanu shows no mercy!”. A phrase that the hero of the film will remember when he plays hard on the field.

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