The arrival of British tourists to Spain is expected to intensify this weekend

More than 4.5 million people will take advantage of next Monday’s holiday in the UK to travel

Madrid, August 25 (European Press) –

The arrival of British tourists to Spain will intensify towards the last weekend of August, when a total of 4.5 million UK travelers are expected to leave the country abroad due to the fact that next Monday is a holiday in the country.

The Employers Association of British Travel Agencies (ABTA) attributes the rise in travel to the fact that next Monday is a holiday in the country, so they have another day off. This anticipates strong holiday demand from UK nationals who are currently stretching their holiday budgets despite the worldwide inflation crisis.

And this will be a very active summer for many British travelers who have returned to travel at levels similar to those before the pandemic.

According to the British Association, “sun, sea and beach destinations are proving more popular than ever”, and many tourists are heading this weekend to Spain (particularly the Balearic and Canary Islands), as well as Bulgaria, Portugal and Italy. Türkiye, Morocco and Greece.

ABTA has ascertained that there is a lot of enthusiasm for going abroad this year, even though the increase in the cost of living is having a very big impact on the holiday habits of the population.

More holidays on the same budget.

Earlier this year, research by ABTA showed that tourists were considering a variety of methods to stretch their holiday budgets, including taking a holiday outside high season to get a cheaper deal (56%) and cutting other costs. They go to the movies or buy clothes (54%), book a last-minute vacation (47%), and put money saved during the pandemic towards the cost of their trip (35%).

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“We have seen a continued rise in demand for holidays abroad this year, with many of our member travel agents and tour operators posting record sales. The pandemic has put many holiday plans on hold in recent years, so it is clear that people are thinking At ABTA, Graeme Pack, getting away this year is a top priority, and some are even willing to put their pandemic savings to make it happen.

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