Patricia Bullrich challenges Larita: ‘I can be a perfect candidate and present myself tomorrow’

A week after closing the listings for إغلاق 2021 electionsTogether for a change you try to demand trainees and to strengthen and force unity. In the city of Buenos Aires they succeeded and the “moderate wing” represented by the Head of Government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Laretta, in agreement with the chief PRO, Patria Bullrich, So that she does not present herself as a candidate for the position of national deputy in the city and leave the path clear for the former governor Maria Eugenia Vidal.

“I’m not a candidate because I didn’t want to, I can totally be a candidate and present myself tomorrow”, The former official was shot in an interview with T She explained that the hard-line wing of the PRO party did not lose to Larita and Vidal’s position in preparing the list of national deputies for the city of Buenos Aires.

Along these lines, Bullrich denied that his decision to exit the electoral competition had lost the toughest wing of Together for Change by responding to it. “This is a completely wrong reading,” replied and challenged: “I’m not a candidate because I didn’t want to, I could totally be a candidate and present myself tomorrow.”

“I decided not to be a candidate because the debate in Congress from the opposition is always the reactionAnd the And I believe that at this moment we have to create this longing for hope and progress that is buried in social plans As the middle class fell,” the former security minister argued to “win elections again.”

Along these lines, urge it “You have to win elections and have social power” That allows “Explain to people what changes need to be made and not corporate power, you have to give this discussion. Argentina needs a detailed history.” In turn, in this new phase that the main opposition coalition is going through, Bullrich criticized the government of Mauricio Macri lacked “courage”: “We lacked the courage to make profound changes.”

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He admitted it during four years of management “No” they made “Changes in social policy, in labor policy, in tax policy” And grew up: “We must come forward with courage to tell people that if we don’t change from the start, if we don’t release tax production, those investments are flowing, and if we don’t we will find many interests that will oblige us.”“We have to talk to those who want to create an Argentina that is moving forward, and talk to agree that Argentina is not succeeding,” Bullrich said.

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