King Felipe, Don Juan Carlos, Charlene of Monaco and other members of the Olympic royal family

Surely the Kings Crowd on Fridays at Palacio de la Zarzuela with A team of Spanish athletes who will participate in the Tokyo Olympics It brought back many memories of the king. He himself has felt this mixture of nerves and excitement for nearly 30 years Participate in the Barcelona event, in 1992. But King Philip has not been The only Olympic royal in the last century: Norway, UK, Monaco… There are many royal houses that have been represented in an Olympic event.

Especially at the beginning of this century, it was common for members of the royal family to participate in the Olympics, because they were the ones who participated in the Olympics. More free hours and purchasing power To exercise according to any discipline. So we find in this list even the kings, who also repeated several times with very good results. Major An King Olaf V, father of the current King Harald of Norway, who participated in the 1928 Amsterdam Games in sailing, becoming the first royal to achieve a gold medal.

King Harald in a sailing competition. (EFE)

Her love for sailing and the sea was inherited by her son Harald, who participated in the The Games in Tokyo in 1964, Mexico in 1968 and Munich in 1972, although he did so without much success like his father. Specifically, in the 1972 appointment, he coincided with King Juan Carlos, with whom he shares his love of sailing, a sport that has caused them to coincide on more than one occasion in the Mallorca and the King’s Cupfrom which the emeritus was never absent and which returns this year after the epidemic stopped. And Don Juan Carlos was no more successful than his counterpart for several decades, finishing 15th.

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Much better luck than his son, King Philip, who had a double role in the Barcelona event. Also to be a regular pregnant – how to forget that picture of your older sister, Infanta Elena, full of tears watching her from the box– Participated in Soling’s class with Aifos and got sixth place and thus an Olympic diploma. Exactly the same roles you played Infanta Christina Four years ago, in 88 . Seoul Olympics. And it’s Dona Cristina’s election to carry the Spanish flag, which was already at that time bring controversy, because he had no previous baggage in some games.

King Felipe, standard-bearer at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. (Cordon Press)

With the following two names, it becomes the Spanish Royal House The person who contributed the most members to a sporting event The most important today. Because of Queen Sofia He also took part in the 1960s in Rome, although he did so as a reserve for the regatta team and without ever having an active role. More and more successful he was Inaki Urdangarin, son-in-law. Fifth in Barcelona 92 ​​with the Spanish national handball team, third and bronze medal in Atlanta 96 and the same result in Sydney 2000, which also He said goodbye to his sports career.

He was the golden king Constantine Greece, who achieved first place in Rome in 1960, in the same specialty as his brother-in-law Juan Carlos and two nephews, which is sailing, which is the royal sport par excellence, along with skiing. and silver Zara Tindall, although in his case in dressage, when he competed in London Olympics And he received the medal from his mother, who had already felt the same way back in 1976, in Toronto. The same discipline is what prompted another princess, Haya of Jordan, to compete in the Sydney Games, and an appointment with most of the royal family was probably among those involved.

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Zara Tindall with her Silver Medal in London 2012 (Cordon Press)

Because we can’t forget the almost perfect Olympic royal, Charlene de Monaco, who still has his Olympic past on his mind and Keep exercising more. Like Haya and Iñaki Urdangarin too Participate in Sydney 2000In his first and last Olympics. On the other hand, Alberto de Monaco has not participated in no less than Five Olympic events, but in the winter edition, much less than the media. He competed in bobsleigh, a method skating at Calgary 88, Albertville 92, Lillehammer 94, Nagano 98 and Salt Lake City in 2002, without much success in many of them.

And we still have the Olympic Grimaldi, albeit also on a special date: Pauline Ducruet participated in the platform jump at the Youth Olympic Games In Singapore, which confirms the love of the royal family of Monaco for the sport.

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