A man has been found missing in the UK for more than a year while wandering a small town in the Arctic Circle


July 16, 2021 16:15 GMT

“He’s a little hard to communicate with, he’s lost in thought, he takes a long time to answer questions and doesn’t stare at anything,” says Swede Jerry Alqvist, who welcomed him into his home.

Niall Atkin, a 26-year-old man who disappeared from his home in Yorkshire (United Kingdom) in May 2020, was found wandering the streets of Kiruna, a small town in northern Sweden within the bounds of the Arctic Circle. .

According to a local resident, Jerry Alqvist, on his personal Facebook page, on July 9, he found “a homeless person behaving strangely, looking confused and walking from place to place,” so decided to welcome him into your home.

“He is a little difficult to communicate with, lost in thought, takes a long time to answer questions and doesn’t stare at anything. He gave me some facts about himself, but ended every sentence with ‘Something like that’, so that the information might also be incorrect” , explained Ahlkvist.

Despite the difficulties, Ahlqvist was able to discover that the homeless man’s name was Nial Atkin, he was 26 years old and had been working in computer science somewhere in Leeds, England.

After making a call on the social network to find the individual’s family, Ahlkvist was finally able to call his mother.

After his disappearance, Atkin’s family was searching for him with the help of the police and they believed he was somewhere in Scotland.

It is not yet known how the man ended up in northern Sweden, but he was looking at who is currently receiving psychological support from the Swedish health system.

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Meanwhile, Ahlqvist has created a file page From GoFundMe to raise funds to bring Atkin back to his home in the UK.

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