Panama Ladies commit and crush Gibraltar in a friendly match

Panama dominated the match against Gibraltar and will now have their second friendly against Spain on Thursday as they prepare for the 2023 World Cup.

Panama Women’s Team. Photo: Fepafut

Panama He has no problem sending Tarek mountain With a score of 0-7 on the field Victoria Stadium in the United Kingdom In the warm-up match on the way to Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023.

The national team led by Mexico Ignacio “Nacho” Quintana He happily dominated the match, with Panamanian goalkeepers Varissa Córdoba in the first half and then Sacha Fabrega in the second half being mere spectators.

triplets from Emily Sydno individual’s ability to Carla Riley Who gave at least three assists in the match and scored a goal in addition to a great goal Desiree Salazar From a distance, it was enough for the Panamanian team to secure a landslide victory.

In the 21st minute of the match, Emily Sydno He took advantage of the opponent’s defense error and avoided the departure of Gilbratar’s goalkeeper, Kirill Revaglet, to score the first Panamanian goal.

in 26 minutes, Carla Rileygiving up the position he was using Emily Sydno And he sent the ball into the net to score the second goal for Panama.

Panama The score came back again thanks to Carla Riley who beat the bouncer from Tarek mountain who was unable to clear the ball for 36 minutes, putting the score at 0-3.

Then, in the 45th minute, Erica Hernandez received a ball from Carla Rileyto score the fourth goal for the Panamanian national team.

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In the second half of the game enter: Martha Cox, Natalia Mills, and Laurie Batista.

When they left the court: Kathryn Castillo, Carla Riley, and Sciandra Gonzales.

Exactly 47 minutes into the game, Natalia Mills shot, as her shot went wide.

Martha Cox He scored the fifth Panamanian goal with a penalty kick in the 59th minute.

Then, in the 62nd minute of the match, Desiree Salazar and goalkeeper Sasha Fabrega entered the match.

As Carmen Montenegro and the other goalkeeper, Varissa Córdoba, leave.

Later Emily Cedeño again turned to Panama, and it was Chiricana’s third goal in the friendly match to score the score 0-6.

The last Panamanian goal was a massive shot from a distance of no less than 25 meters from Desiree Salazar, which sent the ball into the net of Gibraltar and left the final score of the match 0-7.

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