Avoid getting swept up in joy cons with this upgrade

If you own one NintendoswitchYou may have heard of the infamous drift A downside to Joy is an ongoing issue with the hybrid console’s signature controls Nintendo. Fortunately, the manufacturer of gaming peripherals Jolly Kate Recently released a new joystick upgrade kit that not only allows you to replace existing joysticks on your Joey Conbut also ensures that you never have to worry about it drift.

As reported by Gizmodo, the joystick GuliKit Hall Features a pair of replacement joysticks for your consoles. The company notes that the joysticks use the Hall effect system, which means they don’t come into physical contact with other parts of the console, which prevents wear and tear on the parts with prolonged use. GuliKit has tried to solve this problem before by launching its third-party pro console, King Kong Pro 2. Other companies, such as NYXI, have recently announced a new console that looks like Nintendo Wavebird He promised not to suffer the negatives of joy at the third party driftsince they also use Hall effect joysticks.

Joystick kit GuliKit Hall Available for just over MXN 500 on Amazon. If you have several pairs of joy-con, it may make sense to buy two pairs of controllers, there are many bundles, check them out, we leave you a link to the product, it works for normal versions, OLED And low fat.

via: IGN

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Editor’s note: I wish I had found this before buying another pair of joy-cons and a pro controller, which I highly recommend.

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