ACCIONA joins the cooperation with UNE

On June 1, 2023, Universidad del Noreste signed an inter-enterprise agreement with Acciona Business as Unusual, a leading wind farm company.

Under this agreement, students from the field of engineering and chemical sciences will have the possibility to carry out their social service and practical school in the same company that has a wide presence in the energy sector, in countries such as: Spain, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Norway and the Middle East.

In addition, UNE is in talks with Acciona because positions are open to contracts due to demand in projects for wind farms.

This agreement was managed by the Engineering Department through Master Estuardo Uribe Villarreal, Director of Environmental and Petroleum Engineering.

This document was signed by Acciona by Claudia Monica Herrera Cepeda, Legal Representative, and Eloisa Heidi Jaro Rivera, Human Resources Specialist.

Before signing the agreement, a virtual meeting was held with representatives of the two companies, which included Acciona, Alba Segura-Zamora, Director of QSES (Quality, Safety, Environmental Responsibility, Social Responsibility, and Compliance); Claudia Herrera, Legal Representative, Elisa Jarro, Human Resources Specialist and on behalf of this institution, Dr. Jaime Alfredo Mariano Torres, Director of Engineering and Chemical Sciences; Mr. Estuardo Uribe Villarreal, Director of Environmental and Petroleum Engineering and Mr. A. David Gallegos Ramirez, Director of Communication and Innovation at UNE.

Notably, the purpose of Acciona Business as Extraordinary is to contribute positively to society and the planet, offering sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges such as global warming and water scarcity. In addition to creating sustainable social awareness that penetrates departments, society and companies to lead change and accelerate and complete the transition towards a decarbonized economic model.

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For the University of New England and the field of engineering and chemical sciences, this new agreement represents a great step for students and graduates of the aforementioned academy, as they will be able to develop professionally in one of the few companies in the world that belong to a new sector that seeks to respond to the main challenges facing humanity.

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