Palestinian activist optimistic about the ruling of the Israeli Criminal Court – Prensa Latina

We all know the massacres committed by the Zionist government, the wars it waged on the Gaza Strip in 2008 (a military air, sea and land attack), and in the following years, it carried out bombings on that enclave, and executions on the ground. In statements to Prensa Latina, Al Rayyes confirmed that this will remain in humanity’s memory.

The International Criminal Court issued a ruling confirming its authority to prosecute crimes committed in the areas under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian National Authority, Gaza, and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

In a preliminary assessment, he blamed the IDF for being responsible for attacks on the civilian population in such buildings.

The spokeswoman for the Palestinian Women’s Union, Egypt Branch, stressed that the time has come for the perpetrator to obtain his punishment for these serious crimes.

“We know – with regret – that the occupation government will press hard to avoid carrying out any convictions, but it is sufficient for these crimes to be exposed to the world to show its true face as a racist state,” he added.

Referring to the recent summit of Palestinian organizations in the capital, Rayyes commented that reconciliation between all stable factions in both Gaza and the West Bank constitutes a ray of hope to restore national cohesion and form conflict over historical claims.

He added that only through fair elections will we be able to bridge the divides and advance in achieving our goals.

The party’s president, Mahmoud Abbas, announced that the legislative elections will be held next May, followed by the presidential elections in July, the first in 15 years, in search of solid leadership.

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Among the demands that we are not prepared to concede, is the establishment of a sovereign state on the pre-1967 war borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, Abbas says.

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