Simon rules out restricting movement with the UK because “the British alternative is already spreading freely”

The Director of the Health Alerts and Emergency Coordination Center, Fernando Simon, has ruled out restricting the movement of UK citizens due to: The British variant is already in the country.

Simon confirmed this at a press conference with Secretary of State for Health Silvia Calzone It makes no sense to quarantine people coming from the UK, given that the British alternative is already in the Spanish country It accounts for between 20 and 25 percent of diagnoses.

On Wednesday, Health Minister Carolina Daria signed a ministerial order Mandatory quarantine For those traveling on flights from Brazil and South Africa to avoid spreading the variants that have occurred in these countries.

“It makes no sense to limit the movement of British citizens because it is The British variant is already widespread in SpainBut yes, for travelers from South Africa and Brazil to control the variables of these countries that do not extend to Spain, “Simon emphasized.

This Thursday, Darayas, during his appearance before the House Health Committee, said they had already been notified 613 cases of the British variant, Which represents, on a general level, 20 percent of those discovered on recent dates. In addition, three infections of the Brazilian variant have already been detected, and seven cases have been detected in South Africa.

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