Palestine coffeemakers acknowledge British support with Café Gratitud . commemorative edition

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As a token of appreciation in support of the UK’s Prosperity Program in Colombia for the Coffee Airport Project, a group of Palestinian coffee growers presented the commemorative edition of Café Gratitud to that country’s ambassador to Colombia, Colin Martin Reynolds.

They did so in recognition of the collaboration between Prosper UK and the Caldas administration. The new café was launched in the Thought Hall.

The “Women Coffee Growers” project was born in 2007 at the initiative of the Federation of Coffee Growers, in line with the Millennium Goals, which prioritizes women in the coffee union. We’ve trained and ventured into different situations. We have the idea that our coffee is exported, because it has a special quality. “We want to set up business alliances for this,” said Angelica Maria Escobar Valencia, a coffee grower from Palestine.


Caldas Governor, Luis Carlos Velasquez, praised the UK’s commitment to Aerocafé and contributed to the validation of project studies and designs through the use of BIM methodology.

Ambassador Colin Martin Reynolds said: “We are confident that the construction of the airport will enhance the convergence between the UK and Colombia in terms of trade, tourism and bilateral investment. I hope this souvenir coffee, produced by coffee farmers in Palestine and representing the best of our joint work, will reach the UK in the near future thanks to this massive infrastructure project.

The British Ambassador presented feasibility studies for the new Integrated Transport System Manizales (SITP) and visited the Aerocafé building, both projects funded by the UK’s Prosperity Program in Colombia.

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The UK’s Prosperity Program in Colombia promotes inclusive economic development, poverty reduction and gender equality, through institutional strengthening, funding studies and designing strategic projects for the country.


The special edition of Café Gratitud is the first dedicated to the women’s production group in Palestine. 13 women grow export-type coffee on 54.64 hectares. This work is in partnership with Oro Molido, a company that produces and operates globally.

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