Pagina 12 says that the summit with the exclusion will be a setback for the United States

The Argentine newspaper said today that the ninth Summit of the Americas may become a difficult diplomatic hurdle for the United States after the discontent caused by the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Page 12.

at Article – Commodity And about the appointment scheduled in June in Los Angeles, California, journalist Gustavo Vega indicated that the absence at the event would be a blow to the fractured dominance of Washington, since the two presidents, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico, and Luis. Arce, from Bolivia, announced that they would not attend.

Amlo hopes to correct Biden and invite everyone to the US summit

In addition, many other leaders, including the President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, and Argentine Alberto Fernandez, criticized the position of the Joe Biden administration and called for a summit without exceptions.

The United States takes its decision with the same logic that was adopted by the Organization of American States when it expelled Cuba in 1962.

On its official website, the State Department indicated something that had not been verified in practice: the open and unrestricted nature of being summoned to the meeting, Vega noted.

He also stressed that Washington’s decision not to invite those countries had become a problem that the White House had not expected.

Washington intends to address two important issues at the summit: immigration policies and health. He noted that Mexico has a lot to say about the former, and Cuba has shown over the latter that it has been a global vanguard during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that the island was the only Latin country that made its own vaccines and sent its medical battalions to dozens of countries when the epidemic broke out in 2020. (Latin press)

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