Pacheco School Graduates Get Diploma in Bitcoin

Before graduation, students were evaluated by national and foreign bitcoins.

The Ignacio Pacheco Castro Education Complex, in San Marcos, is the first educational center in the country to offer its students to study cryptocurrency; The project was run by “My First Bitcoin” that was created in El Salvador to educate the population about Bitcoin.

The course was funded by Ibex, a Guatemalan digital asset company, according to its Instagram account.

For 10 weeks, about 50 young people from the first high school roadshow “La Pacheco” learned about this alternative form of financing that has been in force as law in El Salvador since last September 7.

The course was offered by the My Firsts Bitcoin Project, which was created to educate residents about this new financial system in place in the country. Photo HRE / Menly Cortez

According to Carlos Torrell, who is in charge of the diploma course, it was the deputy of the Nuevas Ideas Rodrigo Ayala who suggested to Ibex that this educational complex be the first to implement the diploma course that began at the end of April.

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MP Ayala will be present at this activity but it was reported in quarantine after someone close to him contracted the coronavirus.

Students received lessons every Saturday, with brochures of my first bitcoin setup and practices carried out using mobile phones provided by teachers.

The students used a special wallet called Moon and the final evaluators were bitcoins who came from different parts of the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Cuba, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, France and even Salvadorans from Zonte and Ataco.

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For Asel Rodriguez, Director of the Educational Center, for them the diploma represented another step for education and a big step for the country that decided to include this type of alternative funding.

For the final test, they had to open their wallet, called Moon, from scratch, get their keys and then make the transfer. Photo HRE / Menly Cortez

Lessons were given by “My First Bitcoin” representative John Dennehy, a New Yorker who has been living in the country since August, as well as by Gloriana Solado, Education Director of the said project, and Raul Guirola, Project Manager. .

“Your children can now sell products and services to the whole world without having to ask anyone’s permission and without having to share the language with someone else, because now they speak the language of mathematics,” Carlos Torrell said in his speech.

While Jay Bluestain, who came from New York only to be a part of this activity and learn about the work of “My firts bitcoin”, said that when he learned of the initiative he did not hesitate to visit El Salvador, because he was always interested in helping others. To learn the value and importance of bitcoin, and how it can change The reality of the person and in this case from El Salvador.

Kevin Vasquez, a student at La Pacheco, confirmed that the experience gave him financial awareness and that he now understands Bitcoin better and when it is the best time to spend, invest and save. The 17-year-old was selected as one of the outstanding students of the diploma, and received a hardware wallet as a prize, as he was also the first to pass the final practical exam for the diploma. Like him, 5 other students were recognized as the most outstanding in the course.

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Kevin commented that he saw his final exam as a unique opportunity, asserting that “it wasn’t that difficult, despite the fact that because of my temper I confused myself in a few steps, but I became more nervous because the guy (Jay Blaustein) only spoke English, and I wasn’t with someone who doesn’t speak Spanish”; However, at the end of the evaluation, it was remarkable how quickly they had established a friendship.

Carolina Sanchez, one of the few mothers who attended the activity, confirms that her son named Jose was very interested in the subject; to tell her that he wants to continue learning and that he wants to practice it more; However, since he is a low-income family, he assures that he will find a way for his son to get a suitable mobile phone so that he can continue using bitcoin. “Mine, who is the only one we have at the moment, is devastated and not working towards what he wants to do,” said the mother.

Sanchez asserts that Jose tried to teach him to use bitcoin, but the lack of technology did not allow the young man to continue his education on the subject; Despite this, the student sees the possibility of investing in cryptocurrencies, “he believes that it can help him survive,” he said.

The trainees group is the first group to graduate from high school in the institution because until 3 years ago they were only providing education up to 9th grade. Photo HRE / Menly Cortez

After the evaluation activity in a space under construction that was funded by Ibex to be the student dining room, the bitcoin customers and youth enjoyed a game of basketball and friendly conversations, sharing experiences and motivating teenage bitcoin customers to continue preparing. themselves and transfer the knowledge gained in the diploma course to their community.

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“La Pacheco” is a school with a history of 75 years, which, until recently, had only basic education and recently added a secondary school, and the young people who were part of the diploma will be the first batch of high school graduates of the institution.

This school center has been in one of the most conflict points in terms of security due to gangs for several years, as the San Antonio neighborhood has been where the MS stronghold is located for years.

At the same time, when consulting some students about the use of the chivo wallet in their community, a few mentioned that a member of their family had used it and others said they did not know someone who used it to buy and sell.

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